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“Heidi has such wisdom and experience with birth and pregnancy that it gave me great peace of mind.  She has a large knowledge base but is not afraid to consult with other Obstetricians or health care practitioners in the area to make sure that you are receiving optimal care.  Although she had to travel I always felt she was available and committed to being with me if I needed her.  I had such an enjoyable pregnancy and birth and feel my experience was optimized by Heidi’s care and skill as my midwife.”

-Wendy Gebhart ND, MSOM

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“Our home birth experience with Heidi was wonderful.  After having a hospital birth with our first child we felt the home birth was the route for us.  Our experience with Heidi confirmed that for us.  Heidi’s skills and the collaborative approach she used with other health care professionals in our community made the birth of our second child the safe and wondrous event it is supposed to be.”      -Jason Gebhart


“Heidi was our midwife for the birth of our first child. She was very informative and caring. She explained all of our options and made the journey easy for us. Her views coincided with ours’, so she  was a great fit. The birth of our daughter was a wonderful experience and that was due in great deal to the awesome guidance, education and care from Heidi. She was always more than happy to answer any question at any time. She is a wonderful midwife and now a great friend. We would recommended her to anyone.”

– Heather and Antoine Meier



“As first time parents we were anxious about what to expect during pregnancy and how to handle labor and delivery. Potentially even more so since we had chosen to have a home birth. Our first meeting with Heidi showed us that not only was she a confident midwife with all of the necessary skills and abilities but that she was also going to be a life-long friend. Heidi invests considerable time into each patient so that she fully understands who they are, what they want and how she can best provide her midwifery services to them. She prepared us both mentally and physically for the task at hand and when the time came to have our baby we were fully prepared.  Being able to relax and embrace our newborn baby immediately after birth and in our home was really special. We are thankful to have this experience in our memories and a beautiful, healthy baby girl as the result.”

-The Rahe Family


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“After completing an extensive amount of research into birth options, my husband and I decided that it was very important to us to have a home birth with our first child…but living in Wyoming, we didn’t know if that would be an option. Luckily, we were able to find Heidi and she helped make the whole experience of pregnancy and labor more special than I realized it could be. She was always available throughout the pregnancy and came to our home for checkups, providing resources, answering questions, making sure that my husband knew he was an important part of the process and that my mindset was positive. Her personality is perfect for the role of a midwife – calm, caring, and open. Even after the birth, in the first few weeks as a nervous new mom, I called Heidi first, not my doctor, and she was always gracious enough to respond immediately and calm me down in the process. We’ll be back the next time around!”




Nicki SueI sought a home birth to avoid a scheduled surgery that was unnecessary. So, unlike friends who staunchly desired the tranquility of birth at home, I simply wanted a vaginal birth. Little did I know how special the arrival in the comfort of my home would be. The experience of birthing my baby boy in our own bathroom tub has touched my life, and my soul forever. Heidi was the perfect practitioner, guide, caregiver and friend. Her expertise is unparalleled. Heidi is a perfect mix of medical background with a holistic approach.  Remy James entered the world in a beautifully peaceful and safe manner. We are all forever changed.

-Nicki Sue


Dayla_and Parents_8_22_13Having a home birth with Heidi was incredible. My first birth experience, at a hospital with another midwife, was not as glorious. There are some things you just can’t control in a hospital setting, even a hospital you are very comfortable with. If I would have found Heidi sooner, I know that birth would have been easier. My second birth experience was more than I could ever have hoped for. I really enjoyed the entire experience. The prenatal visits were very personal, my husband and I felt comfortable discussing everything with Heidi. We live 80 miles from the nearest hospital so I didn’t feel comfortable delivering at our house, but Heidi opened up her apartment to us so we could have the water birth I dreamed about. Being in a more natural position and comfortable environment speed up my labor and made it enjoyable. By relaxing, doing what felt natural, and what we discussed beforehand, I had my beautiful baby girl in less than 3 hours after we arrived at the apartment. My husband was much more involved and relaxed this time. If only others knew what they were missing. This is such a special and sacred moment in life; you deserve to get the most out of it.