About Heidi

IMGMy path to midwifery began with the pregnancy and birth of my first child in 1989. After two wonderful home births I wanted to support my midwife in offering families such a wonderful experience. I worked with many midwives and traveled as far as West Africa, Haiti and El Paso, Texas in my quest for birth experience.

Inspired to pursue international opportunities I opted to take the nurse-midwifery track. I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor in Science of Nursing in 2005. After a short career as an obstetric nurse I entered Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. Intern midwifery experience took me to a large medical center in Wisconsin and Indian Health Services on the Navajo Reservation. I graduated with a Masters in Nursing, Nurse-Midwife Specialty in 2008.

By the time I had graduated as a midwife I had attended over 100 births and learned the most from the women who honored me with their presence in birth. I started my homebirth practice in 2009.

I believe that pregnancy and birth should be a partnership between midwife, a woman, and her family. I am an advocate of holistic medicine with good nutrition as a foundation for a healthy pregnancy. I enjoy prenatal care as much as births with an emphasis on education and informed consent. I take pleasure in seeing each woman’s birth unfold in its own unique way.

I believe in working within a community of healers; doctors, naturopaths, herbalists, lactation consultants, etc., to offer my clients the best possible care.

I look forward to learning more from each woman I work with.