I couldn’t be happier to report that this pregnancy has only gotten better within the last four
weeks. I have been more energized, more enthusiastic, and DEFINITELY feeling pregnant. I
definitely look pregnant too. Everyone from family members to strangers are commenting on
how big I am for being just over halfway through the pregnancy.

What’s it like to be told I look big? Well, I’m happy to report that, for the first time in my life, I
find it incredibly relieving and validating.

Have I necessarily enjoyed people telling me, “Wow, you popped early this time!” or “You’re
only 20 weeks?!” or calling me Fatso? To tell you the truth, no, I didn’t. However, I do truly
enjoy looking and feeling pregnant. But it’s not only what’s happening on the outside that
matters to me. The bigger I get, the more I enjoy pregnancy because of what’s happening on
the inside.

In my last post, I wrote that I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about this pregnancy in general,
but specifically around not feeling the baby move as early as I did with my first child. I am
overjoyed to say that now I am feeling the baby move literally whenever I sit down.
Who knew that getting kicked in the belly could be so comforting? It’s the best part of
pregnancy as far as I’m concerned.

Even going to visit the midwife is better at this point.

During our last visit, we ran through the routine – pee in a cup, weigh yourself, take your blood
pressure, and the “How are you doing” questions – but it is the prenatal massage that makes
my heart go pitter pat. At Sweetwater Midwifery, after you do “the medical stuff” you are
invited to hop up onto a massage table. Heidi measures your belly, and you listen for your
baby’s heartbeat. I can’t help but smile when I hear that quick thump-thump-thump-thump-
thump-thump. What I look forward to the most though, is the massage.

Heidi works around your stomach to help keep your large intestine unblocked, and your
muscles feeling relaxed. Then, you’re positioned on your side in preparation for what I believe
to be a heavenly backrub. I know there has to be something more medical than just relaxing
happening while she works away at your muscles, but when you get to have 30 minutes of
being cared for by a deeply capable and knowledgeable person without distraction (aka, a
toddler running around, or throwing balls at you, or threatening to break windows with, I don’t
know, anything), it doesn’t matter. The relaxation is the biggest benefit to my health as far as
I’m concerned.

The visits are super simple, there aren’t ultrasounds or beepy things, or invasive vaginal gazing
unless there is a need for it. Heidi’s office is a homey environment that feels less like a clinical
visit and more like a living room chat. The visits are intimate, they engender trust, and her clinic feels like a place where a pregnant woman can be a pregnant woman instead of a medical case.

From what I’ve read, that’s very uncommon for something as common as giving birth.

So, is pregnancy round two all doom-and-gloom like I made it out to be in the first post?

Absolutely not.

It’s only getting more and more beautiful with each passing day, even if people do call me Fatso